Daffyd little britain

daffyd little britain

Daffyd talks about Judy Garland:P. Little Britain - Daffyd Thomas The Only Gay in the Village Judy Garland. Daffyd ruiniert Myfanwy das Geschäft - fast ^^ Little Britain Abroad - Daffyd in der Schwulen-Bar (3. That is Daffyd Thomas "the only gay in the village"! His first episode in little britain! I love it:D. Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. Over the course of the show he meets many gay people in and out of the village in no small part due to most of them being bisexual or gay but doesn't realise - or even comprehend - that any of them are gay. Generally whenever gta 5 gratis download opportunity presents itself he will treat people as if they had made a harsh comment about him simply because of his sexuality. Daffyd Thomas Vicky Pollard Andy Pipkin Marjorie Dawes Linda Flint Ray McCooney Carol Beer. He is also partial to Bacardi and Coke. His age is said to be 25 in Season 1 but a quote from him suggests he is reaching Most visited articles Daffyd Thomas Vicky Pollard Bubbles DeVere Dennis Waterman Marjorie Dawes List of Quotes Andy Pipkin.


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